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Greeley operates with a council-manager form of government where the City Council is responsible for legislative actions and the City Manager is responsible for overseeing the City's operations. More information on the job of City Manager can be found at Life, Well Run.

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Our City Council meets annually to determine priorities and direction for city government and the community. To address these priorities, a work program and specific performance measures are created and updated every year. This process gives staff direction and creates a way for staff and residents to measure success. See our progress reports and other highlights on the City Manager's Work Program page.

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City Manager Roy OttoRoy Otto is a native Coloradoan who graduated from Greeley West High School and earned a Bachelor's degree from Colorado State University. After completing his Master's degree in Public Administration and working in Florida, Roy came back to Greeley and in 2005 he was appointed City Manager.​

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  • Celebrating Staff Accomplishments – Part IV

    Mar 29, 2015

    To some of you, 2014 might seem like a distant memory. That’s not surprising. We’ve all been so busy the first few months of this year that time has really flown by! That doesn’t diminish what City staff did last year to improve Greeley’s image.

     It’s interesting how many things shape people’s perceptions of our city, for example, the number and types of new businesses, our low crime rate, the appearance of our entryways and neighborhoods, our responsible use of water, the appearance of our website, how we educate and entertain our youth, and what we say about ourselves to others who live, work and travel through the region. The Council’s Image priority transcends all of those areas.

     Here are some examples of City staff accomplishments in 2014 that had a direct impact on Greeley’s image. The success of the middle school sports program, including partnerships with School District 6, and implementation of the youth needs assessment and the launch of the G.Town Promise were great examples of aligned principled relationships that brought about positive support for our youth.

     Enhancing the appearance of 8th Avenue with pedestrian, median and public art improvements continues the process of improving what people see as they enter our downtown. And phase I of the 10th Street access and streetscape improvements between 23rdand 29th Avenues was another positive, high profile project. Our Code Compliance staff did a great job in our neighborhoods and our Police personnel were there 24/7 keeping crime rates low and crime clearance rates high.

     The City Council and staff recognized that the City’s website is the digital face of our organization and community and made the complete overhaul of a priority. Our site, for the first time ever, is mobile friendly. That’s important because over 50 percent of visitors—literally hundreds of thousands of web users each year—are now accessing our site via mobile and smart devices.

     Another project that has had a significantly positive impact on what others think and say about us is Greeley Unexpected. Last year was the second year of the campaign and the word is getting out—there’s a lot that Greeley can brag about. The campaign spread the word in 2014 placing our positive messages at DIA, along major highways, on social media, etc. all contributing to new and positive perceptions of Greeley region-wide.

     Stay tuned—there’s more to come including the 2015 campaign launch on June 5th.

     Roy H. Otto
    City Manager