City Of Greeley

Water Quality

The mission of Greeley Water and Sewer is to protect both the quality and quantity of your water supply.

If you are ever unsure about the quality of your drinking water or have a question about Greeley's water, call the Water and Sewer Department at 970-350-9811.

Below is additional information about Greeley's protection of the ensuring the community's water supply.

  • Water Quality Report - Each day, the Greeley Water Department thoroughly tests its water before it is delivered to citizens. Each year a report is distributed with information about Greeley 's drinking water.

  • Cross-Connection Control Program – This program is committed to keep your water safe and free from pollutants and harmful substances that could affect your health. The Cross-Connection Control program is focused on education and prevention. The page also features information on backflow prevention assemblies and has a list certified backflow testers in the area.

  • Water Treatment – Learn more about Greeley's water treatment plants and about the water treatment process.

  • Wastewater Treatment – Wastewater is treated to near drinking water quality when excess is returned to the Cache la Poudre River.
  • Stormwater – The Greeley Public Works Department administers a program to protect rainwater and snowmelt from pollution before it is sent back to the Poudre River and other bodies of water.