City Of Greeley
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Greeley Water and Sewer Department

Greeley Water and Sewer's legacy of foresight, quality and planning dates back over 100 years . As Greeley looks to the future, we face challenges to ensure a safe, secure, and healthy water supply for the next 50 years.

To meet the community's future water needs, the Greeley Water and Sewer Department, with the Greeley Water and Sewer Board , have developed a long-term and comprehensive Four Point Plan. It includes strengthening and maintaining Greeley's water system infrastructure, continuing water supply acquisition, expanding water storage, and increasing water conservation efforts.

  • We are committed to using your money as wisely as possible. All of the money we receive goes directly to enhance your water system.
  • Greeley's water system is efficient. Our water loss rate is about 5% to 6%, which is lower than the industry standard of 10%.

  • The sewer system in Greeley is clean, tight and well maintained. The entire system is cleaned every 18 to 20 months and some sections are taken care of more often.

  • Greeley's water rates are average when compared to other Front Range communities.
  • Greeley Water & Sewer has a strong history of working with environmental groups to protect and enhance the environment. For example, we are collaborating with the environmental community on efforts to enlarge Milton Seaman Reservoir as part of the Halligan-Seaman Water Management Project.