City Of Greeley

Water Conservation Rebates

Since 2006, Greeley has offered water conservation rebates to residential and commercial water customers. The purpose of the rebate program is to promote the purchase and proper installation of water saving products to improve water efficiency now and in the future. Rebates help introduce customers to new technologies and conserve water. Below is more information about eligible products, along with application forms that include complete rebate guidelines. If you have any questions, please call 970-336-4134 or e-mail us at

The water saving potential of Greeley's rebate program was analyzed over a period of two years. Residential customers that participate in Greeley 's indoor rebate program save between 11% to 22% on indoor water use, depending on the type of product replaced and the number of products replaced.

Rebate Information

·         Residential Toilet Rebates

·         Residential Washer Rebates

·         Irrigation Rebates

·         Commercial Rebates (businesses, apartments, HOAs)

Residential Toilet Rebates

In 2014, a $25 rebate is available for toilets using 1.28 gallons per flush or dual flush toilets. There are 0.8 gallon per flush models toilets on the market that use less water; these models are rebated at $50 dollars.

If you recycle the toilet you will receive an additional $25 dollar rebate. Customers should bring the old toilets to the Greeley Organic Waste (GROW) Center (1130 East 8th Street). Customers are required to remove all non-ceramic part and unload the toilet themselves. If the parts are not removed, you will not get the additional rebate amount. The Water Department will then send the toilets to the Streets Department to be ground-up and recycled into road base.

Toilets account for approximately 30% of residential indoor water use. Replacing a pre-1994 toilet with a new high-efficiency model can reduce water used for toilets by at least 60% and save about 16% of total indoor water use. Savings for a typical household would be more than 10,000 gallons per year.

Residential Washer Rebates

Installing a water-efficient washing machine could reduce an average home's water use by 5,000 gallons. According to the EPA, if only 10% of homes in the United States upgraded to water-efficient washing machines, it would save more than 45 billion gallons of water per year. Most high-efficiency washers are also energy saving models. Their high-speed spin cycle removes more moisture from clothes than conventional washers, allowing the dryer to run for less time. By purchasing a high efficiency washer you can cut laundry energy costs by 50%.

Rebates for $100 are available on washers. To be eligible for a rebate, the washer model must appear on our qualifying list. The models listed were chosen for their efficient use of water.

Irrigation Rebates

To participate in the irrigation rebate program, you must first receive a City of Greeley Irrigation Audit. Please signup online or call (970) 336-4228 to schedule an appointment. The audit program is very popular. Audits are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. The irrigation audit program begins in April and ends in October. Customers are able to sign up any time during the year. To get a spring/early summer audit, please sign up the previous fall or winter.

During the irrigation audit, products may be suggested to help you increase your water efficiency. These recommendations are personalized to your individual property. Below are descriptions of products that are frequently recommended.

Smart Controllers
Smart controllers (also called ET Controllers) reduce outdoor water use by using information about site conditions (such as rain, wind, slope, soil, plant type, and more), and applying the right amount of water based on those factors to maintain healthy growing conditions. Because smart controllers can be more efficient than traditional, time-based irrigation controllers can, they often reduce usage by 25% or more, which saves money and water. Rebates are available for smart controllers on the qualifying list below. Greeley will pay for 50% of the cost of the controller up to $300. You may need an irrigation professional to assist you in installation, although that cost is not included in the rebate. You must buy a controller on the qualifying list to get a rebate.

Pressure Reducing Valves
Some irrigation systems apply water at a very high pressure. This causes misting, that results in a fine spray that appears as a fog over the system as it sprays. Rainbows are also often visible in a misting system. The problem with misting is excessive evaporation and water drifting into other areas. A pressure-reducing valve will reduce misting by regulating the pressure and making your system more efficient.

Rotary Nozzles
Rotary nozzles operate by rotating a stream of water over the landscape instead of the mist produced by spray head sprinklers. Installing rotary nozzles will increase uniformity and reduce overspray.

Commercial Rebates

Water can be conserved in commercial, industrial, multifamily, non-profit and governmental properties by installing water efficient appliances and fixtures. In addition to the rebate program, Greeley offers free indoor and outdoor audits to commercial properties and can help determine which products make sense for your organization.

Large scale projects, with rebates totaling more than $1000 should be pre-approved to make sure funds are available.

Please call 970-336-4228 to make an audit appointment or to get a project pre-approved.

The list below contains details on all of Greeley's commercial rebates and items that can be requested for free.

Bathroom Rebates

Toilet (0.8 gallons per flush or less) -- MaP test score of 500 and above strongly recommendedMaP test score of 500 and above strongly recommended

$50 or
$75 w/recycling voucher

Toilet or Urinal (1.28 gallons per flush or less) -- MaP test score of 500 and above strongly recommendedMaP test score of 500 and above strongly recommended $25 or
$50 w/recycling voucher

Flush Valve Toilet or Urinal (1.28 gallons per flush or less) -- MaP test score of 500 and above strongly recommended

$125 or
$150 w/recycling voucher

Bathroom Faucet Aerator

free per request

Leak Detection Dye Tablets (for tank type toilets)

free per request

Industrial Rebates

Cooling Tower Conductivity Controller

30% up to $900

Cooling Tower Meter (replaced every 5 years)


Kitchen/Restaurant Rebates

Ice Machine (water cooled to air cooled)


Dish Machine (high-efficiency)

25% up to $400

Refrigeration Condenser (water cooled to air cooled)

25% up to $400

Pre-Rinse Spray Valve (high-efficiency)

free per request

Restaurant Table Tents (serving water upon request)

free per request

Laundry Rebates

Coin Operated/ Commercial Washer -- on qualifying list


Clothes Washer -- on qualifying list


Outdoor Rebates

Irrigation Rebates --- see residential irrigation rebates for details


Water Broom (replacing hose sprayers)

50% up to $100

Commercial Car Wash Spray Nozzle (up to 300 per year)

$1 each