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Emergency Preparedness

Prepare ~ Plan ~ Stay Informed

What You Should Know In An Emergency

The forces of nature can devastate a community, whether tornados, storms, blizzards, wildfires all of these can create a natural disaster.  Other types of disasters can include communicable diseases, terrorist threats or other life threatening emergencies.

Tornado Safety Information

If a disaster occurs, local government and disaster-relief organizations try to help you, but you need to be ready as well.


What you can expect during a disaster?

  • Interruptions in utility services (electricity, telephone, heat, water supply)

  • Explosions, fires and hazardous waste are serious threats to safety

  • Civil unrest

  • Limited availability, if at all, to purchase food or gasoline

What you can do - Knowledge is your best defense

Emergency Planning and Disaster Supplies - Assemble a disaster supply kit before disaster strikes.

Evacuation - Keep fuel in your car if evacuation seems likely.  Gas stations may be closed during emergencies.  Know When To Evacuate and Where to Go.

You will need to listen to authorities on the timeline to evacuate, if they give you time to gather some of your belongings and pack them in your car.  You should remember to pack up financial documents, prescriptions, family photos, and other items of personal value.  Make sure you have someplace to take the family animals.

Shelter - Be sure everyone in your household knows where to find shelter from all hazards that affect your area.

In case of emergency stay tuned to the following for information regarding evacuation and shelter locations

Mitigation - Take Steps to ensure your home and household are safe from the potential effects of disasters like floods, tornados, high winds, wild fires.  These measure can be implemented before a disaster occurs. 

Animals in Disaster - With the exception of service animals, pets are generally NOT permitted in emergency shelters for health reasons

Recovering From Disaster - After an emergency, continue to listen for news on where to get help from disaster relief organizations and government agencies

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