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 City Of Greeley
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Standards & Specifications

Your one stop source for all city standards and specifications

This page is devoted to helping you find design specifications, criteria and standards for all development and construction projects. Links to the responsible City departments are provided.

Historic Preservation Documents Ordinances, Monroe Avenue Historic District District Designation Plan, General Design Review Guidelines, Downtown Greeley Design Guidelines Historic Preservation
Right-of-Way Landscape Planting Permit In order to plant on public rights-of-way, a permit must be issued prior to planting. This permit is issued by the Forestry Program after the review process of development plans have taken place. Approval of the landscape plans through the planning and ART process does not void the need for this permit. Forestry Program


Includes Standard Drawings in PDF and AutoCAD format. Water & Sewer
Water & Sewer
Variances: Lawn Watering Permits
The City of Greeley is allowing permits for residents/businesses who have a reason to water outside of the established restrictions. All variances are subject to City of Greeley approval. Water & Sewer Conservation
A guideline of basic procedures and an uniform process for review and approval of utility crossings of the City of Greeley's water and sewer pipelines. Water & Sewer
Water & Sewer
Plant Investment Fees & Permits
Plant investment fees are assessed based on the size of the water tap for single family dwellings and for commercial buildings. For multiple-family dwellings, plant investment fees are based on the number of units per building and the maximum number of units allowed per size of tap. These fees are added to the building permit and paid at the time the building permit is issued in most instances. Water & Sewer
Water & Sewer
Raw Water Dedication
All prospective developments, including requests for additional taps and subdivisions of existing parcels, are required to dedicate raw water to the City as outlined in its ordinances and resolutions. Water & Sewer


Storm Drainage
Design and
Construction Specifications (SDDC)
Both manuals need to be consulted when preparing a complete drainage evaluation. Public Works Dept-Engineering Div. -
Stormwater Drainage
Page also has downloadable AutoCAD Standard Detail drawings. Public Works Dept-Engineering Div. -Design/Review Section


All documents can be found on the Planning homepage or http://greeleygov.com/CommunityDevelopment/PlanningDocuments.aspx


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