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Welcome to the City of Greeley Environment portal! In case you didn't know, there is a growing movement in our fair city to keep the air and water clean, conserve water and energy, and reduce, reuse and recycle our waste! 

Just like when you drop your coins in a jar every day, each small environmental change we make eventually adds up to big benefits for our community. For example, watering our lawns less during the spring and summer adds up to thousands of gallons a year. Less time in our cars keeps our air cleaner so we can enjoy being outside at our parks and on our trails. Planting trees, recycling and conserving energy are all parts of the puzzle that make a beautiful picture of “home” here in Greeley.


So have fun surfing our webpages, but before you do, leave your email address in the comment box below to request Environews, a quarterly e-newsletter with up-to-date info and environmental stewardship tips. Remember, we need your help keeping Greeley, "Great. From the Ground Up!”




The fact that every member of the world's ever-growing population needs a place to live, work and play makes land one of our most valued resources.
Even though we can't see it, feel it, or taste it, we can only survive about four minutes without air, so we have to keep it clean.


 Water    Energy
Not only is it essential to our survival, the plants and animals we rely on for food need water to live too, so it pays to conserve.
Oil, gas and coal have gotten us this far, but as they run out, we have to learn to conserve and use more renewable resources.
   Waste    Contacts
Trash doesn't just disappear when the truck comes every week, so remember the three Rs: reuse, reduce and recycle.
These are the folks that are out there every day making your environment a cleaner, safer, more beautiful place to live.

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