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The Water Resource Division was created in 1992, consolidating the activities of water resource engineering, field operations, water conservation and interaction with various agricultural ditch companies. The Division is comprised of more than 12 professionals who perform tasks as diverse as operating gates on reservoirs high in the Cache La Poudre watershed, planning and implementing the Conservation Program and using computer programs to evaluate water rights.

The Water Resources Division is responsible for ensuring there is adequate water available for the City’s two water treatment plants on a daily basis. The Division staff balances the City's annual water assets to be certain that Greeley meets short-term demands. Additionally, the Division develops long-range plans assuring the City has enough water to endure a drought without undue harm to the natural environment. The Division encourages water conservation though education, incentives and City ordinances.

One of the most important services provided by the Water Resource staff is to evaluate how much water the City will have in a sustained drought. Greeley has adequate water to serve its current population even through a drought. However, Water Resource Division staff must look 20 to 50 years into the future to see if the City has, or can obtain, adequate water supplies to continue to meet this standard. As regional growth increases, water supplies available for purchase by the City or its developers become increasingly scarce. The staff examines many options to provide a sufficient water supply to its new customers.

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Contact Water Resources

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