City Of Greeley

Sign Specifications for the City of Greeley

1. Before Developer’s plans are signed “Approved”, Traffic Division needs to review.

2. All signs shall conform to current M.U.T.C.D. Standards and Colorado Supplements.

3. Before contractor fabricates signs, contact City of Greeley Traffic Division at (970)350-9359 or (970)350-9349.

4. All signs shall be installed on Telespar type perforated posts with anchors at proper heights as per current M.U.T.C.D. Standards.

5. Sign backings shall be as follows:
  • A. 30" x 36" or less shall be a minimum of .080 gauge aluminum 
  • B. 36" x 36" or larger shall be a minimum of .100 gauge aluminum 
  • C. Extruded blades shall be a minimum of .091 gauge aluminum

6. Street and Avenue signs for post mounting shall be extruded aluminum, 6" x 30" (minimum) in length. At signalized intersections these signs shall be sized in accordance with Specifications for Oversize Street signs. City of Greeley standard, reflective green background with reflective white letters and numbers, with block numbers and arrows. (Font D, upper case, on correct baseline, or approved equal, in Highway Standards)

7. All signs shall be mounted with City approved vandal type rivets and with washers.

8. Telespar type posts shall meet or exceed the following:
  • A. Posts - 1 3/4" x 1 3/4", 12 gauge, ASTM Specification No. A446, Grade A, drilled on 1" centers. 
  • B. Anchors - 2" x 2" x 3', 12 gauge, ASTM Specification No. A446, drilled on 1" centers. 
  • C. All posts and anchors shall be galvanized to ASTM Specifications A525 coating designation G90. 
  • D. All Telespar posts installed in downtown area shall be brown plastic sleeved to comply with surrounding area.

9. All signs shall be 3M engineer grade reflective sheeting, with a seven year guarantee or approved equal.

10. Sign shall have a seven foot clearance (minimum) from the bottom of sign to the ground of installation, or as approved by the M.U.T.C.D Standards and Public Works / Traffic Division.

11. All signs placed, with the exception of STOP and YIELD signs, shall be at or near property lines; they are not to intrude on driveways, doorways, or any type of entrance.

12. Mountings (Caps) for street name signs shall be the type for square telespar and for extruded blades. 3/8" bolt with a ½" head shall be used to bolt down cap and extruded blades.

13. Signs shall be placed behind curb at least to minimum specification according to M.U.T.C.D. (Part II Signs) Standards and Colorado Supplements.

14. Signs shall be placed a minimum of 5 feet from fire hydrant.

15. Placement of “Stop” signs shall be in accordance to city standards. Behind ramp or crosswalk with a minimum of 36 inches behind sidewalk at radius point or as approved by Public Works / Traffic Division.

16. Anchors (stubs) shall be 2" to 3" high from ground. Posts shall be bolted to the anchor with corner bolts only.

17. Bottom extruded blade shall be faced the same direction as the existing stop sign.

18. Thin blades when used shall always be on top.

19. Street name signs east of 1st Avenue shall have an “E” before the street number.

20. Avenue signs north of 1st street shall have an “N” before the avenue number.

21. Arrows on street blades pointing the direction for the 100 block shall not be placed where they would face across an avenue.