City Of Greeley


Transportation Services Mission Statement
To plan and implement a safe, efficient, continuous, coordinated and convenient multi-modal transportation system that serves the needs of the users in the community.


The Transportation Services is tasked with planning for Greeley growth. Our Comprehensive Transportation Plan identifies deficiencies and provides recommendations for improvements. These document require Adobe Reader and are large so allow time to download.
  • Greeley Comprehensive Transportation Plan Update
  • The Plan’s specific goals are:

    1. To develop transportation policies that contribute to the improvement of the environment and the travel experience in the community.

    2. To recognize the interrelationship between land use and transportation planning and to encourage transportation planning that complements economic development consistent with the 2060 Comprehensive Plan

    3. To develop collaborative transportation strategies with neighboring communities through Intergovernmental Agreements.

    4. To recommend Travel Demand Management techniques that promote and increase opportunities for pedestrian, bicycle, transit, and multiple occupancy vehicle usage and reduce vehicle miles traveled (VMT).

    5. To identify and recommend Access Management Policies, Roadway Design Standards, and Traffic Calming options that protect the safety and carrying capacity of the multi-modal transportation network.

    6. To develop a plan and an implementation strategy that recognizes funding parameters and aggressively seeks alternative sources to enhance funding resources.

    7. To develop and implement an Adequate Public Facilities Plan (APFP) and ensure that transportation systems are logical, continuous and timely in their development.

    8. To include an on-going process of review and research to ensure that the Transportation Plan remains consistent with the evolving needs of the community.

  • Based on the results of our planning and engineering, we will design the transportation infrastructure based budget constraints, public safety guidelines and coordinate the implementation of the plans

Managing the day to day components that constitute the Multi-model transportation system in Greeley. Some of these activities include:
  • Neighborhood Traffic Calming
  • Pavement Markings
  • Street Smarts - Managing and scheduling traffic flow for maintenance of existing roadways and new construction. This includes total road closures and partial road closures within the City of Greeley
  • Street Lights - Reporting repairs
  • Traffic Signals
  • Traffic Signs
  • Volume Traffic Counts - on-going data collection for engineering purposes and traffic calming studies. Click here to download the approach volumes counts.  Counters and Tubes - Intersection counts are conducted every two years. Growth in Greeley is researched including traffic flows. Additionally, counts are done on request.
  • Manual Counts - Manual counts are performed at intersections. They are broken down into 15 minute intervals for peak flow hours. The data is analyzed by Highway Capacity software.
  • With the aid of Geographic Information System (GIS) and  Global Positioning System (GPS) Software, the City of Greeley, monitors the city's assets.  This also aids with management of current resources