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If you have an after hours need call the Greeley Police at (970)350-9600 to have someone dispatched.

1203 3rd Street
Greeley, CO 80631
tel: (970) 350-9336
fax: (970) 350-9268
M-F 7:00-3:30 (MST)
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The Streets Division manages the following Street Programs:
  • Asphalt Patching - The Street Division is responsible for filling potholes, repairing deteriorated spots, shared concrete replacement program

  • Graveled Streets and Alleys - Minimum maintenance schedule for blading, graveling and reconstruction of graveled streets and alleys.  These services are also available on a request basis or as needed due to weather conditions

  • Snow and Ice Control - The City's snow control plan is designed to focus on clearing of major arterial streets for emergency responders, schools, bus routes and motorists providing a basic network of connected main streets. The information on this page explains in more detail the City's normal snow control procedures for Greeley's 367 miles of streets

  • Stormwater - The Street Division is responsible for the cleaning, maintenance and repair of all storm water drainage features that are a part of the City's drainage infrastructure

  • Street Sweeping - Street sweeping is one of the most visible aspects of the Street Division for the citizens and the traveling public.
    Clean streets and gutters not only give the City an overall clean appearance but aid in helping reduce traffic accidents and air pollution caused by fine dust particles and debris on the roadway

  • Vegetation Management - The Street Division is responsible for the control of all noxious weeds and maintains 482 acres along main arterials, right-of-ways, bike paths, detention ponds, City owned ditches, lots and easements.  Management includes: mowing; spraying; re-seeding; right-of-way cleaning.

  • GRAFFITI REMOVAL - The Street Division is responsible for assisting Citizen’s with graffiti removal