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If you have an after hours need call the Greeley Police at (970)350-9600 to have someone dispatched.

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Graveled Streets & Alleys

  • Responsible for maintaining 325,571 linear feet (61.6 miles) of graveled shoulders within the City of Greeley.
  • Responsible for maintaining 319 graveled alleys, which equals 21.4 miles within the City. Main alleys are defined as: located in commercial areas throughout the City and carry a high volume of vehicles. Regular alleys are defined as: located in residential areas with local vehicle volume.
    • High volume traffic carries 501 - 2000 vehicles per day.
    • Medium volume traffic carries 100 - 500 vehicles per day.
    • Low and local volume traffic carries 100 or less vehicles per day.

Listed below you will find the routine, minimum maintenance times.  This is the minimum times maintained per year. Blading, graveling and reconstruction is also provided on a request basis or as needed due to weather conditions. To submit a repair request please use our online form or contact our office

Description Graveled Streets Graveled Alleys
Alley Cleaning N/A Annually from late October to early April
Blading Graveled Streets Annual Two times per year.  Bi-monthly for alleys with higher volume
Blading Graveled Shoulders Annual N/A
Graveling As needed Five-year rotational basis
Reconstruction Selected streets are targeted annually to be reconstructed if material is available* Selected alleys are targeted annually to be reconstructed if material is available*

* Material used is asphalt millings recycled from the overlay program.