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Public Works

The mission of the Public Works Department is to provide for the design, construction, operation, maintenance and protection of that part of the City's infrastructure that is critical to the safe and efficient movement of pedestrians, traffic, goods and emergency services.

The City of Greeley Public Works Department consists of the following seven major divisions:

City HallThe Building Maintenance staff repairs, maintains and cleans City buildings and facilities. The division also performs remodeling, energy management, and retrofitting of facilities, as well as preventive maintenance on heating, ventilating, and air conditioning equipment. They have an extremely important duty of providing for the safety of the City’s many and multipurpose facilities.  The operations of and the high degree of maintenance of the physical plant of each of these facilities affect every City employee and every citizen that uses these facilities.


13th Street Road DietThe Engineering Division plans, designs, and supervises the construction of special projects and Capital Improvements Program projects, as well as the orderly development review and quality management of subdivision work within the public right-of-way. The division also directs the activities of the Geological Information System and Transportation Planning sections.


Greeley Service CenterThe Equipment Maintenance Division's
 mission is to provide maintenance and repair of equipment for safe operation in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible for the Department/Division and Citizens of Greeley.

Red Barn @ 71st AvenueThe Stormwater Division objectives are: Flood Control: To protect the public from flooding by stormwater, up to and including a 100 year storm event. Quality of Water: Stormwater pollution cannot be ignored and can only be prevented with all of us working together; Standards Design: All construction development, repair or adjustments affecting city infrastructure must adhere to current standards; Stormwater Management: Design, repair, replace or improve stormwater facilities through Capital Improvement Projects (CIP).
crack sealingThe Streets staff cleans and repairs City streets, controls snow and ice on streets for safe travel, maintains and repairs public drainage facilities, and controls weeds in the public rights-of-way and on City property.

The BusThe
Transit Services Division Vision Statement: To enhance the quality of life by providing safe, reliable public transit and commuter choices while expanding accessibility and mobility, based on community support.


TransportationTransportation Services Division is responsible for the planning, design, management and monitoring the transportation system with the City of Greeley and Evans.  We respond to citizen requests; manage transportation issues; review new development to assure that federal, state and local quality standards are being met; and, coordinate work zone traffic control during construction activities.


Updated: 03.17.14