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Building Maintenance

The City of Greeley Facilities Management Division manages the city facilities to provide a clean, safe, secure, and well maintained working environment for City of Greeley employees, citizens and the visiting public.

We use money from our operating budget and food tax capital improvement projects to retrofit electrical equipment, including lighting fixtures, motors, HVAC equipment to reduce energy costs, as well as remodeling and renovations to make room for growth in the City and other various projects.



The City of Greeley Facilities Management Division is responsible for:

  • General Maintenance - General Maintenance maintains almost every aspect of a facility. From plumbing problems, to hanging pictures, to large remodeling projects. Our program also includes preventative maintenance.

  • Technical Services - Technical services includes electrical and HVAC services. This area maintains, installs, and troubleshoots all electrical power and lighting systems in City of Greeley facilities and parking lot lighting.
    • Energy Management - Tracking monthly energy costs helps the division find ways for City facilities to become more energy efficient.  
    • HVAC - The Mechanical Controls Technicians perform preventative maintenance and repairs as needed in all City facilities. They maintain boilers, chillers, cooling towers, control systems, and swimming pool pumps. The Mechanical Controls Technicians also act as project managers for projects relating to HVAC systems and controls.


  • Facility Services - The Facility Services staff is responsible for keeping City Hall, City Hall Annex, Lincoln Park Annex, Public Works Building, and the Service Center clean.

Updated: 05.15.13