City Of Greeley


Download these documents as pdf files:

Download the current Historic Preservation and Low Interest Loan Chapters of the Municipal Code.  The Historic Preservation Chapter, 16.60, was revised and adopted by Council in August 2006.

Download the Greeley Historic Register Nomination Packet, including instructions for completion.

Click to download information on Greeley Historic Register properties and a map of GHR properties and districts.

Download the Certificate of Approval application, necessary for major alterations to designated properties or properties located within a designated historic district.

Download a Low Interest Loan Application, available to properties listed in the National Register, State Register, and/or Greeley Historic Register, including contributing properties in historic districts. Loan Application procedures provide more detailed information about the loan program.

Download the Building Permit Fee Refund Policy and application.

Download the State Historic Preservation Tax Credit application. Please see City of Greeley Addendum to the State tax credit application for reminder to get required building permits. Get the current state tax credit information packet with 2013 updated information from the legislation reauthorization.

Download the Monroe Avenue Historic District District Designation Plan which guides decisions for alterations to properties in the historic district.

Click here for a list of the properties in the Monroe Avenue Historic District.

Download the General Design Review Guidelines for decisions regarding alterations to all properties listed individually on the Greeley Historic Register and all properties located within locally designated historic districts.

Download the Downtown Greeley Design Guidelines for properties located within the locally designated downtown historic district.