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919 7th St Suite 103
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The Greeley Fire Department provides service twenty-four hours per day, seven days a week and protects a total of 64 square miles. In addition to responding to requests for assistance, firefighters are also involved in public education, stand-by duties requiring first aid or fire watches, and maintenance.


Emergency Medical Response:

GFD Personnel are certified by the State of Colorado as Emergency Medical Technicians - EMT-Basic (basic life support), ALS (advanced life support) which includes Intermediate or Paramedic.


Specialized training allows firefighters to provide limited advanced life support care to patients - stabilizing the patient for transport by Banner Health Paramedic Services.


Fire Emergency Response:

Firefighters protect lives and property through activities associated with fire prevention, rescue, fire fighting, hazardous materials and emergency medical incidents and participates in the training and maintenance activities necessary to achieve that end. Men and women dedicated to saving your life.



Hazardous Materials Response:

The Hazardous Materials Response Team is made up of GFD personnel who have received specialized training as Hazardous Materials Technicians. The Team is the designated emergency response authority for hazardous substance incidents in all areas of Weld County except on highways, where the State Patrol has jurisdiction. Team personnel also are available to provide hazardous materials response training to private and public agencies upon request.



Technical Rescue Response:

The Special Operations Team is trained and equipped for technical rescue techniques - high and low angle rescue, trench and confined space rescue, etc. These individuals will respond on the aerial apparatus to all incidents where their special skills may be needed. In addition to the ropes, ladders and other specialized equipment used in technical rescue, GFD has purchased infrared imaging cameras. This device allows firefighters to "see" through smoke to find fire victims and hot spots, greatly facilitating rescue and fire extinguishment. These cameras will be available to the Technical Rescue Team, and on GFD's other Rescue units.



Water Rescue Response:

The Dive Team responds throughout Weld County and on request to surrounding areas to assist in water rescue and recovery situations. Team personnel are trained and certified as Public Safety Divers and by the International Association of Dive Rescue Specialists - in addition to their regular duties as firefighters. Dive Team personnel also conduct training sessions in dive rescue and water safety to outside agencies upon request.