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919 7th St Suite 103
Greeley, CO 80631
tel: (970) 350-9500
fax: (970) 350-9525
hours: 24/7
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Administration is responsible for the overall management of the Greeley Fire Department.
The Chief Fire Officer acts as the liaison between the City of Greeley City Council, the Western Hills Fire Protection District Board, the firefighter's labor representatives, and other agencies.


Administration and Management Duties

  • Preparation of the 5 Year Capital Improvements Plan
  • Preparation of the Facility Master Plan


Location Maps
Fire Station Address
Fire Station 1 919 7th Street
Fire Station 2 2301 Reservoir Road
Fire Station 3 150 35th Avenue
Fire Station 4 2191 1st Avenue
Fire Station 5 4701 24th Street
Fire Station 6 1731 Cedar Avenue - Storage Facility
Fire Station 7 6623 West 10th Street

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