City Of Greeley


The City of Greeley’s Purchasing Division provides City departments with a centralized source for pricing, quotations, order placement, vendor contact, and general purchasing functions. This relieves departments of these time-consuming tasks while providing cost effective purchases from the most qualified vendors.

Purchasing Staff

Purchasing Manager
Adela Gain
Phone: 970.350.9326
Linda Ingram
Phone: 970.350.9325

Gail Gaskins
Phone: 970.350.9870            
Purchasing Assistant
Teri Gutierrez
Phone: 970.350.9333

Vendor Application

Vendors may register to become a part of the City of Greeley’s qualified vendor list by submitting a completed vendor application to the City of Greeley's Purchasing Division. To register, please click here to download the Vendor Application file (PDF).

Mail or fax the completed application to: City of Greeley, Purchasing Division, 1000 10th Street, Greeley Colorado 80631. Phone number (970) 350-9333. Fax number (970) 350-9328.

Additional City of Greeley business licenses may be required, contingent upon the specifications of the particular bid. Click here to view Business License information

You might find the brochure How To Do Business With the City of Greeley to be helpful.

Bidding Process

The City of Greeley’s procurement policy requires that any purchases made for over $5000.00 must become part of the bidding process.


For projects/purchases involving $50,000.00 or more, Notices are posted in The Greeley Tribune. Purchases over $50,000.00 most often require executed contracts which require a Bid Bond, Performance Bond, Payment Bond and proof of Insurance.


Bid Documents

The City of Greeley now posts all bid documents on the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing site (BidNet). The Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System (RMEPS) is a regional bidding system that services numerous agencies throughout the State of Colorado. Other municipalities along the Front Range and throughout the Denver area are also using this system. ALL bid documents, addenda, plan-holder lists and bid results are posted on this website. Vendors are requested to obtain all bid information from this site.


Vendors can now visit this one site to have instant access to bid opportunities for the City of Greeley and throughout the region. Vendors must register with BidNet to be able to access and download bid documents. There is no fee to register, however, vendors may sign up for e-mail or fax notifications for a fee. BidNet will then notify your company of all bid opportunities that are applicable for your company. Vendors who do NOT choose to register for notifications are responsible for monitoring the status of the posted bids.

Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System


Surplus Items

All surplus items for the City of Greeley are processed through the Purchasing Division. These are handled through a private auction house. Sales may be advertised in The Greeley Tribune, and sales are open to the public. Vendors are welcome to contact the Purchasing Division to check on any upcoming auction dates.