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May 14, 2014
The City of Greeley will reconstruct East 20th Street between 1st and Balsam Avenues. Bids for construction were received April 8, 2014. The contract for construction has been awarded to Mountain Constructors Inc. for $1,245,430.50. Construction is planned to begin May 27 and continue through September 19.

The project was designed by Burnett Consulting Engineers. The original design work, completed in 2006, was updated for current conditions. The badly deteriorated rough pavement will be completely removed. The street will be re-graded with new curb gutter and sidewalks installed on both sides of the street. New storm water inlets and pipes will greatly improve street drainage. When completed, the new street will be wider with on-street bike lanes. On-street parking will be provided where it presently exists.

The street will be closed for construction beginning May 27. However, access will be provided for those properties that front onto 20th Street and can only be accessed from 20th Street. All others, including pedestrians, must use alternate routes. The City of Greeley Blue Bus Route will be temporarily re-routed to 22nd Street.
Separately, overhead electric power lines along the south side are being replaced by Xcel Energy with underground cables. This utility work is nearing completion.

Questions may be addressed to the Project Manager for the City of Greeley;
Dave Wells, at 970-350-9796 or by email at

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