City Of Greeley

Construction Services

We assure that all construction within the City of Greeley meets required standards and provides for the safety and quality of life of its citizens. To view a list of our Current Construction Projects - please click here

We specifically provide the following:

Benchmark Surveying

The survey crew performs the task of locating, placing and surveying new benchmarks.

The official city datum:
HARN NAD83 Stateplane Colorado North US Survey Feet - Horizontal
NAVD88 - Vertical


Construction Surveying

Construction Services provides licensed professional surveyors for projects and developments within the City.

The City has a two man survey crew whom assist city departments with construction staking of their projects. They also assist staff engineers with gathering field data for the designing of Capital Improvement Projects and Food Tax projects. They are also available to assist City staff with other surveying needs, ranging from locating easements to river cross sections.


Inspection Services

Reviews of construction based on City standards and quality assurance procedures.

All developments, improvements, or repairs to the City's infrastructure require inspection by a City certified inspector. This is to maintain city-wide construction standards to assure the quality development of Greeley's public infrastructure. This includes but is not limited to streets, sidewalks, gutters, curbs, water lines, sanitary sewer lines, and dry utility trenches.

  • Food Tax - One inspector is assigned to work with Food Tax project managers to handle the same type of work. The inspector also assists with field measurements for cost estimates from the Food Tax budget.
  • Building Permits - Construction Services provides for the inspection of construction dealing with the public infrastructure to confirm that a development may obtain a building permit.
  • Warranty Inspections - Inspect development warranties of work done within a public right


Quality Assurance Testing Services

It is the goal of the Construction Services Program to make sure all new development or repairs done for the City infrastructure adheres to all City standards. To do this, all materials are core tested in our lab. These materials include soils, concrete and/or asphalt.

Items Tested:

  • Pavement
  • Concrete
  • Piping