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Public Safety Improvements

In November of 2004, public safety ballot question 2A was approved by Greeley voters. As a result, a comprehensive public safety package was implemented. Police Department personnel thank Greeley residents for their support of the ballot measure that made all this possible, as well as the City staff who assisted with the planning and construction of these projects.

New Police Headquarters
The 2800 block of west 10th Street has undergone a major make-over this past year. It was just over a year ago that the groundbreaking for the new police headquarters took place and now the grand opening is almost here. There are 3 buildings on the site: the Police headquarters and a support building, together housing more than 200 employees, and the Juvenile Assessment Center (JAC). These projects were all completed on schedule and under budget! In fact, the JAC opened for business on March 1 and the Police Headquarters opened April 16, 2007.

The grand opening and community open house for the new headquarters building were held on Saturday, May 19, 2007.


Main Entrance Support Building Employee Access New Police Parking


Public Safety Improvements:
The new headquarters is the result of a 2004 voter-approved Public Safety Improvement Plan that included new headquarters facilities and other public safety improvements. Besides the headquarters, the plan includes police firing range improvements and renovation of the old police headquarters. Renovations include the expansion of the Union Colony Fire Rescue Authority; improvements to the Municipal Court; relocation of the City’s Information Technology Division; and space for a GTV8 government access television studio.

A sales tax increase of point one six of one percent (.16%), more easily described as sixteen cents on every one-hundred dollars in taxable purchases for 20 years. Bonds were issued to construct the project and these bonds will be paid off over the twenty years. The tax will end at that time. Greeley's total sales tax rate is still lower than cities such as Loveland, Fort Collins, Longmont and others.

In addition to the proposed sales tax, City staff also completed a revision of development fees in 2003 to allow growth to pay a share of the costs. This philosophy uses a combination of contributions from current and future residents over the next twenty years to establish financial support for the project. With that support, the new headquarters is now a reality for Police department staff and citizens in Greeley.

Projected Costs:
The estimated project costs are $24 million for all of the improvements described above.