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Island Grove Field Conversion

Below is a summary of the Island Grove field conversion component of the Quality of Life Program.

Estimated Cost: $1,500,000
Location: "A" Street at Island Grove Park
Design & Construction: 2005-2007

Project Status/schedule: The Island Grove Multi-Use Field Converstion was completed in November 2006. Scheduled play commenced in August 2007.

Island Grove Field Conversion
  • retain one existing softball field
  • convert other fields into multi-use 9 acre turf area for adult and youth soccer, flag football, and other sport practices and games

Background Facts

  • specific demand for more pubic and private youth and adult soccer game/practice sites.
  • adult soccer, as well as interest in lacrosse and flag football, has been delayed for years due to lack of practice and game space in order to give youth sports top priority on existing sites.
  • The Quality of Life Implementation Plan originally indicated funding for a Neighborhood Park in 2005 and the Island Grove Field Conversion in 2010. As the first neighborhood park was actually being implemented as part of the Twin Rivers Community Park and as the demands for additional multi-use competitive sports fields were increasing, the City Council approved moving the Island Grove Field Conversion project from 2010 to 2005 and the 2005 neighborhood park to 2010.